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Highly intuitive and efficient, B9 Scan 350 enables you to replicate models down to 15 µm resolution. The B9 Scan 350 makes the scanning process completely automatic and customizable. In addition, 3D modeling is now quick and easy requiring only a monitor and a mouse to achieve highly-detailed scans in minutes. 

Bundled with Leios, the most reliable software for processing 3D scans, mesh editing and reverse engineering, the B9 Scan 350 is the complete solution for the jewelry and manufacturing industries.

B9 Scan 350 Brochure

With the B9 Scan 350, you will receive a complete training package which includes:

  • Introduction to our scanning technology
  • Getting to know B9 Scan Software
  • Best practices for scanning
  • How to orientate models for proper Scan
  • From a simple band to a complex design ring
  • How to use tools in B9 Scan Software
  • Introduction to Leios
  • How to adjust and modify the surfaces of scan
  • How to export models for CAD software

B9 Scan 350 - In Stock

  • Brand: B9Creations
  • Product Code: B9B-SCN-010
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $14,950.00

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