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  • ESD - Rigid Resin Kit
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With high tensile strength and heat deflection temperature (HDT), ESD - Rigid is ideal for producing static-dissipative parts designed to withstand the manufacturing environment.

Rigid and durable, this material can be used to 3D print parts that enable safe handling of electrical components along the production line, anti-static prototypes and end-use parts, ESD-safe electronics enclosures, and more. ESD - Rigid, with the B9 Core Series 3D printer platform, offers the ultimate solution for electronics manufacturing in verticals ranging from medical device to industrial to aerospace & defense.

Special Pre-printing Instructions

Important: When printing with ESD - Rigid, you must use the Wax Release Agent and the designated Wax Release Agent build table included in the kit (build table should be dedicated for use with Wax Release Agent only). Failure to do so will result in damage to your 3D prints. Please consult our ESD-Rigid IFU and Wax Release Agent IFU for more information.

1 KG (2.2 lbs) bottle  

Special Features

  • Static-Dissipative
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High HDT
  • Readable Detail
  • Smooth Surface Finish


ESD - Rigid is compatible with the B9 Core Series. This material works on photopolymer resin-based 3D printer platforms.

Non-B9 Core Series customers will need to develop third-party material settings suited to their machines.

Resin Vat Compatibility

B9 Core 5 Series: 530 & 550
B9 Core 5 Series XL or MED XL: 405 or 385

MaterialPhotopolymer Resin
Wavelength385 - 405 nm

If you are interested in having parts printed in ESD-Rigid through our service bureau, you may do so here.

Safety Data Sheet 

Material Data Sheet

Note that some countries require special permits to import chemicals. We are not responsible for ensuring you are able to import to your country, please check with your local requirements before ordering and importing this product. 

* Orders over 10 bottles may be subject to a longer lead time. 

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ESD - Rigid Resin Kit